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LAMMY's - Made in Australia: Informations about LAMMY's

Trading stop due to loss in naming lawsuit.

About LAMMY's

The start:

The LAMMY’s® journey started in Australia in 2009. A Dane, who spent more than 10 years in Australia, imports the 100% Australian handmade sheepskin boots into Europe. He has now returned to Europe and the company is based on a desire to sell a high quality product, and to pass on an Australian tradition that focuses on a comfortable outdoor living and a high quality lifestyle.

Quality over quantity:

LAMMY’s® goal is to provide only a small selection of carefully chosen retailers with our quality Australian product.

LAMMY’s®, an original Australian Ug boot:

Definition from The Macquarie Concise Dictionary (the official Australian Dictionary): ug boot: boot from Australia lined with 100% merino sheepskin. Also known as ugh, or ugg boot.

When you are looking to purchase a real Australian sheepskin boot, be cautious and know what to look for, as a lot of importers sell cheap knock-offs made in China and the quality falls short of the real thing. To get real sheepskin boots that are made with the features that make them so sought after, be sure that they have the Genuine Australian sheepskin label from the Australian Sheepskin Association Inc. This ensures that they are produced with 100% Merino Sheepskin from Australia.

Be aware

A number of commercially available boots are constructed using cow suede, and cut sheepskin fleece is sewn onto the inside. Cow suede doesn’t “breathe” as does 100% sheepskin, and the boots will soon become sweaty and smelly.

As cleverly as these boots are made to look like the real thing, they come up short in comparison to comfort and quality of the LAMMY’s® authentic Australian sheepskin boots.

Australian Made
LAMMY's - Made in Australia

Our philosophy:

At LAMMY’s® we believe that a good and solid business relationship is built on responsiveness/reliability, quality and respect - reliability on our service, dependability on the quality of our products, and a mutual respect between our clients and us.

Our most important goal, each and every day, is to provide the best service and highest quality products to our clients.

We can only achieve and maintain trust in our excellent service, if we strive for flawless time management and good communications in our every day work practices.

The Real Thing:

All LAMMY’s® boots are manufactured in Australian and made from the finest Australian Merion sheepskin and wool. We are not affiliated with the US company Deckers Outdoor Corporation, which produce their boots in China and market their ugg boots under the trademark “Ugg Australia”.